Monday, October 25, 2010

Luddam's Ford Park - Hanover, MA

Elm Street Bridge - 1894

Participated in my first "Meet Up" with the Plymouth Photography Meet Up group.  We met mid-morning at Luddam's Ford Park off of Elm Street in Hanover, MA.  Luddam's is a beautiful, peaceful conservation area with walking trails, a stream, open fields, and a pond.  Even though the fall foliage is just past its peak, there were still some beautiful colors left to enjoy.

Herring Run "Ladder"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Window Light

Tried my first foray into the world of capturing images in "Raw".  Raw images are digital negatives, similar to a film negative.  The purpose of raw formats is to save the image, with minimumal loss of information.  The image is then processed using imaging software, similar to sending a "negative" to a lab to process.

I love how the available window light shines on the elements in the photograph.  The image was captured at the Rebecca Nurse Homestead in Danvers, Massachusetts.  Rebecca was one of the first women to be executed as part of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.  For more information on Rebecca please visit the Rebecca Nurse Homestead.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Basin, NH

During a picture perfect day in New Hampshire, with a fun group from the South Shore Camera Club (Quincy, MA), I shot this photograph at The Basin in the White Mountain National Forest.  The day before the area had experienced heavy rainfall.  The water was rushing down the basin with a thunderous, yet calming, sound.  This photograph was taken at a slow shutter speed to create the flowing effect.